MKUR to get a female Guild president

For the past years, Mount Kigali University Students Association(MKUSA) has been dominated by male students: they not only take up the biggest percentage but also the top offices. This however is yet to end as ‘Florence Kudembe’ is going to go down in history as the first female student to aim for the highest office. […]

MKUR International students not pleased with the university’s accreditation

During the launch of ‘Mountain meets land of 1000 hills’ memoir in February, 2023,(Mountain meets Land of 1000 hills-a book by the founder of MKUR), the chairman of board Professor Simon N. Gicharu hinted on the possibility of Mount Kenya University Rwanda(MKUR) becoming a fully accredited university. Barely two months later, it has come to […]

Short hair, don’t care

In Luganda there’s a saying that ‘hair is the pride of a woman’(loosely translated), the Bible too stretches it in 1 Corinthians 11:15. Hence, it is not ‘everyday’ that a woman will choose to wear short hair, more so if it’s their natural hair. However, there are females who regardless what society says, they prefer […]

Body piercings and tattoos: An ‘abomination’ in some societies

“Do what you want to do, if you feel you want to have piercings or tattoos, go get them; don’t let people stop you from doing what you want to do”, Ines Rutayisire. For us women, looking beautiful is priority; show us anything that will enhance our beauty and we will go for it, not […]

Battle of words in MKUR WhatsApp group

Teachers and the entire administration staff of Mount Kenya University Rwanda(MKUR) are in total disagreement with Kelly Whickham Hurst’s quote, “If they’re learning, I don’t care what they’re wearing”. This was proved by a memo that was published and signed by the Vice-Chancellor Designate: Prof. Edwin Odhuno on 13th, March, 2023 titled “appropriate attire and […]

MKUR and EAUR journalism students equipped with skills on ‘Environment’ reporting

“Journalists are not supposed to know everything, but should have an idea on everything”, Assoumani Ntakirutimana-University coordinator RMP(Rwanda Media Programme). In a bid to strengthen sustainable journalism in Rwanda, FOJO media institute, in partnership with PAXPRESS Rwanda, under Rwanda Media Programme(RMP), continue to provide mentorship to journalists and journalism students in Rwanda and across the […]

Mountain meets Land of 1000 hills-a book by the founder of MKUR

“The entry of Mount Kenya University as a cross-boarder educational institution into Rwanda“ Mountain meets land of a thousand hills is a book that manifests how Mount Kigali University has grown from strength to strength establishing campuses in major towns in Kenya, Somali land and Rwanda. Launched on 10th, February, 2023, the book is a […]

MKUR unveils the name of its multi million hotel

Ranked the ‘country’s best training school’ of the year 2022 by the Rwanda chamber of Tourism, Mount Kenya University Rwanda(MKUR) Hospitality and Tourism management department continues to ascertain its credibility. On 10th, February, 2022, in an event held at the school compass in Kicukiro-Kagarama; the long awaited name for the Hotel that is being constructed […]

MKUR renews partnership with Imbuto foundation

As part of the school’s ten years strategic plan (2021) social responsibility commitment, Mount Kenya University Rwanda (MKUR), led by the Chairman head of Directors- Prof. Simon Gicharu on 9th/ Feb/2022 handed a cheque of ‘thirty six million seven hundred and sixty five thousand Rwandan francs’ (37,765,000Frw) to Imbuto foundation. This comes after a renewal […]

MKUR Nursing department receives equipment ahead of Clinic opening

With a goal “to prepare students to be the next generation of medical and health professionals through hands on training”, the Chairman of Board and Founder of Mount Kenya University- Prof. Simon Gicharu on 9th/Feb/2022 handed over equipment to the school of health services at MKUR. According to the chairman of board, the idea of […]