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Short hair, don’t care

In Luganda there’s a saying that ‘hair is the pride of a woman’(loosely translated), the Bible too stretches it in 1 Corinthians 11:15.

Hence, it is not ‘everyday’ that a woman will choose to wear short hair, more so if it’s their natural hair.

However, there are females who regardless what society says, they prefer having short natural hair to long straight/treated hair.

Lydie Kabatesi at the beginning of this year made a ‘bold’ decision to cut her hair. To her, the need for change made her cut off her braids.

“I wanted change; physically and emotionally, so I walked to the salon and told my hair dresser to cut off my hair. She was shocked because to her, my hair looked healthy but nomatter what she said, my mind was already made up”.

During the process though, Lydie recalls re-considering her decision. “The thought of looking like a ‘school girl’ again, not to mention ‘ugly’ kept playing in my mind. Unfortunately it was too late to back out.
Long story short, she’s now happy that she made the move. “Cutting hair comes with freedom, every night after a long day at work, I just walk into the bathroom and wash all the stress away from head to toe”.

“In the morning, all I have to do is look for what to wear and not combs nor hair bands to fix my hair”, she adds.

Asked if there are any challenges in having short hair, Lydie says her close friends still find it hard to accept her new look.

Her decision has had many allege that she was ‘depressed’ while others say she’s capable of ‘killing a person'(to them, it requires one with a rock kind of heart to cut their long hair).

People’s opinions aside, Lydie says occasionally, she wishes to style her hair differently except, it’s not possible unless she wears a wig.

Nevertheless, she loves her look and vows to wear it for a while.

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