PHOTOS: Mount Kigali University Tourism and Hospitality students embark on a field trip to Northern Rwanda

Over 80 students from Mount Kigali University’s Tourism and Hospitality department, led by Dr. Safari Ernest, recently completed an academic field trip to various tourist destinations in northern Rwanda. Mount Kigali University’s Tourism and Hospitality students visited Nyabyungo (Gahunga k’Abarashi), a historic site significant for the murder of Fr Rupias (Rugigana) a European missionary by […]

Inside Kigali’s  ‘Land  force’

It’s  not  every day  that  the  word  ‘force’  is  used  when referring to  road  transport. Today  however, allow  me  to  use  it: until  I  get  to  use  ‘air  force’ as  a  means  of  transport, ‘land  force’, in  all  its  diversity, is my  means  of  transport. Let me  take  you  down  memory  lane  to  when  I […]

The vocals

The Lifeline gospel show by FLORENCE. K Welcome dear listener, to a program that aims at bringing light into your lives and nourish your souls. You are tuned in to ‘The Lifeline Gospel Show,’ where we embark on a transformative spiritual journey. In a world that can sometimes feel chaotic and uncertain, we recognize […]

Afternoon Delight

By Ingabire janviere Mix of news, history of famous, helpful tips in life and songs

Cycy Ngomi Mental Health Matters

My podcast is about mental health matters. In each episode, the listeners will get to know about the challenges people go through during mental breakdown, hear their testimonies and advices on how to overcome those challenges. Cycy Ngomi Welcome to Cynthia Ngomirakiza’s empowering podcast, where mental health matters take center stage. Through every captivating episode, […]

What inspired ‘Franckax’ to do photography

If you have been admiring: ‘Visit Rwanda’, ‘RDB (Rwanda Development Board) and ‘Marriott Hotel’ photos on social media or else where wondering who the ‘eyes’ behind the lenses is, its no other than Frank Axel Nyabagabo. Commonly known by his career name: ‘Franckak’, Frank is a professional photographer and CEO of addictive company. He started […]

Short hair, don’t care

In Luganda there’s a saying that ‘hair is the pride of a woman’(loosely translated), the Bible too stretches it in 1 Corinthians 11:15. Hence, it is not ‘everyday’ that a woman will choose to wear short hair, more so if it’s their natural hair. However, there are females who regardless what society says, they prefer […]

Places that make the world a beautiful place

Beauty in a greenery

“To travel is to live”- Hans Christian Anderson. The world is not only beautiful because we can live and do what we want, its beautiful because of the alluring places both natural and man made. The next time you want to go out and enjoy the beauty of the world, have the following places on […]