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MKUR to get a female Guild president

For the past years, Mount Kigali University Students Association(MKUSA) has been dominated by male students: they not only take up the biggest percentage but also the top offices.

This however is yet to end as ‘Florence Kudembe’ is going to go down in history as the first female student to aim for the highest office.

She will also be the first student from the School of journalism to run for any office at MKUR in the past three years.

Florence is currently in her third year: first semester, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in media and Mass Communication(BMMC).

Even though she holds leadership positions in different school clubs(She’s the current president for the environmental club), Florence defies settling for less.

Her interest in the MKUSA leadership was expressed when she posted in the BMMC whatsapp group a comment addressed to Ronald Nkusi the current Vice Guild President.

“@Ronald Nkusi, when are the next elections?, I want to start building my manifesto”, her message read.

Despite the fact that she was specific in who her message was addressing, Florence’s first response’ were from fellow students whose ‘excitement’ over the announcement could be felt in their messages.

“You can start now, you have the entire press on your side, just give a go ahead and the Florence propaganda begins”, Jean Felix Dusenge commented.

Yassin Tuyishimire, commonly known as Kobler ‘took it to the next level’ when in his comment, he stated which position Florence should run for.

“My Guild president”, his message read.

In a conversation with: MKUR Magazine editor, Florence who was smiling from ear to ear was very confident that she can be the next Guild President for MKUR.

“I’m so delighted that people already believe in me, ever since I made the announcement, students are approaching me and giving me a go ahead”, she exclaimed.

On why she thinks she’s the right candidate, Florence stated that, “no offense but what are the current leaders doing besides posting ‘copy-paste’ messages from administrators?”

“I will not only lead fellow students, but will also represent and voice their grievances, concerns and issues”, she added.

Responding to Florence’s comment about running for office, Ronald Nkusi asked her to ‘behave like soldiers’.

However, when asked to elaborate on his statement, he declined and only told Florence to consult him for advice on which position she should run for.

Ronald has been in the ‘top leadership’ of MKUSA for two consecutive regimes nevertheless, he doesn’t seem like he wants to step down soon.

The MKUSA elections are expected to take place in September, 2023, a year after the previous elections.

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