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Olivier Shyaka’s inspiring commitment to Basketball

Olivier Shyaka, a 28-year-old Rwandan male, who plays for both REG BBC and the Rwandan Basketball national team has won the MVP award for the years 2015 and 2021 respectively. He has been playing basketball from 2012 up to date.

“Ever since I was a child, I would do anything to beat those around me. While others got into the championship with different motivations, my purpose was definite and clear; I wanted to win. That is why I have always pushed my teammates so hard during practice”, says Shyaka.

Shyaka, recalls having touched a ball way back in 2008 when he was in senior four and claims to have no role model in Rwanda then.

“The first time I touched a ball I was in senior four in 2008. I recall, I did not have any role models in Rwanda or any other person to look up to. I just wanted to play and impact many lives as well as being a role model to others. I paved my way to where I am today. As most people have players they admire, I idolize Lebron James when it comes to Basketball”, he further mentions.

Shyaka, also Rwanda’s basketball team captain attributes love for the game and teammates to fulfilling the position’s responsibilities. Hard work and dedication have always been his motivation.

Shyaka at one of Rwanda’s Basketball National team as captain

John Bawufite, Shyaka’s coach praises Shyaka for being a hardworking and dedicated player right away from the time of first meeting him.

Shyaka during one of REG’s games during the BAL playoffs.

“Shyaka has always been both a hardworking and dedicated player ever since I saw him on the court. He always strives to win and he is greatly a team player who has always pushed his teammates to go forward and build a winning team”, says coach John Bawufite.

Being an inspiring athlete whose success is credited to hardwork and dedication, is what defines Shyaka Olivier.

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