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Peacemaker Twagirayezu: Rising Rwandan volleyball star

In the heart of Rwanda, Meet Peacemaker TWAGIRAYEZU(Calvin as nick name). A name that resonates with determination, excellence, and passion for the game. A talented player emerged from humble beginnings to become a formidable force in the world of volleyball. In this story, we delve into the inspiring journey of  Peacemaker, Tracing his path from the quet Murambi town in Rulindo district to the international volleyball stage.

Centerblocker:Twagirayezu Peacemaker

Early years and roots

Born on September 15,1994, Peacemaker twagirayezu hails from a family with a strong sports tradition. His father, Laurent HANYURWIMFURA, likely planted the seeds of sports that would eventually bloom into a remarkable career. Peacemaker spent his almost formative years in the serene district of Karongi, where his love for sports was ignited.

A leap to the professional stage and champion’s legacy.

In 2014, Peacemaker’s talent caught the attention of the volleyball as he earned a spot on the 1st division level of champion.

This marked the beginning of his professional journey, and he seized the opportunity with both hands. His remarkable journey led him to the prestigious REG Club, where he made his debut in the 2016-2017 champion. Twagirayezu’s career has been adorned with accolades and trophies, He is a two-time club champion, a holder of Genocide Memorial Tournament(GMT)titles, And boasts over ten local trophies. His talent also  took him to the volleyball champon’s league , where he competed with some of the best in Africa and even world. His journey saw him rise from 10th place to a remarkable 5th place finish.

Balancing his passions and academics

Peacemaker TWAGIRAYEZU wasn’t only gifted on volleyball but also an outstanding student and his academic prowess kept pace with his sports achievements, proving that dedication and hard work could lead him to the success of his future through that commitment he had. High school brought new opportunities and challenges at Lycee De Nyanza(LDN) school, he only not pursued his studies but also played crucial role in the school’s volleyball team, after finishing high school peacemaker joined university at Kigali Independent University (ULK) and graduated in Economics & Business Studies.

peacemaker after project submission at ULK

Peacemaker’s attitude and relations in team and outside

In a conversation with Peacemaker’s coach in REG VOLLEYBALL CLUB, M.r KWIZERA Pierre Marshall. He says that ” Peacemaker is one of experienced playmaker that his team has and exceptional timing and a strong presence at the net, this challenges opponent team to execute successful attacks” . Coach KWIZERA also emphasizes on Peacemaker’s amazing skills such excellent height and reach, which is advantageous in blocking opponents’ shorts by reading opponent’s intentions.

As you can see this picture shows Twagirayezu and his teammate in action. We also get the chance to ask few questions his partners. One of them says that Peacemaker has a high ability to communicate effectively with teammates, and he is a vocal leader on the court. “he is so kind, social, friend to keep and lifts everyone’s spirit, Supporting others is in his ambitions, whether it’s in practice during tough games, or just listening ear when needed. ”  Fred said.

MUTONI Gloria, who is one of Peacemker’s closest friends. She described Peacemaker as a funny person who always shine on his face because he mostly likes to laugh, and he taught her the value of true friendship, the importance of being there for each other and how to find joy in the little things and ofcourse she is a big fan of TWAGIRAYEZU Peacemaker.

MUTONI Gloria Peacemaker’s best friend

Twagirayezu’s story is a testament to the power of talent,hard work, and unwavering determination. from the tranquil streets of Murambi to the heights of international volleyball, he has shown that dreams can be achieved through dedication and passion. As Peacemaker continues to make moves in the world of sports, his name will undoubtedly inspire future generations in field of volleyball in Rwanda and beyond.

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