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MKUR International students not pleased with the university’s accreditation

During the launch of ‘Mountain meets land of 1000 hills’ memoir in February, 2023,(Mountain meets Land of 1000 hills-a book by the founder of MKUR), the chairman of board Professor Simon N. Gicharu hinted on the possibility of Mount Kenya University Rwanda(MKUR) becoming a fully accredited university.

Barely two months later, it has come to pass as per a communique issued on 20th, April, 2023 by the office of the prime minister in Rwanda.

The news however, didn’t sit well with some students; especially those from foreign countries: accreditation was one thing and changing the institutions name to Mount Kigali another.

In their ‘international student’s’ WhatsApp group, the students couldn’t help but question the administrators what this means to them.

A one Sammy from Kenya stirred up the conversation when he asked if his Diploma will read MKUR or Mount Kigali.

He was backed up by Iqra Naeem from Pakistan who also shared the same concern. In her text, “I think management should write an official communication about this and not just sharing a newspaper link, I have many questions regarding this accreditation and am sure other students too”.

She went on to ask if their certificates will still be internationally recognized.

JB Semanda, also a foreign student at the university sent laughing emojis with a caption, “the rebranding looks like a demotion”.

Other students threatened to have their tuition refunded as they signed up with MKUR and not MKU or else they transfer to ALU (African Leadership University).

“MKUR was a brand, reason we joined. How now is it going to be different from ‘University of Kigali’ and ‘University of Rwanda’, another student commented.

As usual, the Dean of Students(DOS)-Joyce Kirabo was fast to intervene as messages were pouring like rain water.

In her response, “All students admitted in the university; including those joining in May, 2023 will graduate with a certificate of ‘Mount Kenya University Rwanda’, the name Mount Kigali will be used in the future”.

On why the name was changed from MKUR to MKU(Mount Kigali University), the DOS said, “this was out of the university’s control, the cabinet wanted a name which fits Rwanda”.

Apparently, some national students too were taken aback by the rebranding. Some said the name didn’t sound ‘well’ which will ‘stop’ many from joining the institution.

In her comment, Florence Kudembe a Rwandan student at the University said, “Nakabonye munkuru ngirango ninkikigo nderamuzima”.

From the administrators side however, the accreditation of MKUR is an important milestone and they urge the ongoing students to embrace it whole heartedly.

“We remain committed to providing you with the best possible communication throughout your academic journey at MKU”, Professor Edwin Odhuno- Vice chancellor designate.

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