In a small town called Ngoma, a young girl named Leah was born on 07/08/1998. Now 25 years old, Leah has become a rising star in the world of volleyball. Her love for sports was evident from a very young age, and it was nurtured by her parents, Bizimana Charles and Nyirankundwa Odelada.   Leah’s journey […]

Changing the World through Poetry-Lebon

Born “Muragizi Israel”, but known in the poetry industry as Lebon is a 22 year old Rwandan who is changing lives through his art of writing. Inspired by the book “African women’s poetry” that he read during his senior five, Lebon has written poems of over 50pages. “I write poems to make people happy and […]

Cracking the Rwandan film industry at a young age

Producing blockbuster movies that would compete nation wide and internationally was Gahanzi Kenan’s dream. During the pandemic(COVID-19), he produced his first movie titled ‘SORROW THE BEGINNINIG’ a short movie about a nineteen year old addict who lost his family in a car accident. The success of ‘sorrow the beginning’ motivated Kenan to work on another […]