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In a small town called Ngoma, a young girl named Leah was born on 07/08/1998. Now 25 years old, Leah has become a rising star in the world of volleyball. Her love for sports was evident from a very young age, and it was nurtured by her parents, Bizimana Charles and Nyirankundwa Odelada. 

 Leah’s journey into the world of sports began when she started playing basketball during her primary school years. She showed promise on the court, but as she moved on to secondary school, her focus shifted to volleyball, which she played purely for the joy of it not as a professional athlete. It was during her time on the school volleyball team that Leah’s passion for the sport truly ignited. Her team achieved great success by winning Championships but they also experienced the sting of defeat when they were defeated by Saint Aloys secondary school. Little did Leah know that this setback would mark the start of her professional volleyball journey.

As she waited for her O’ level results, Leah received an unexpected opportunity to join the camp for the province championship of volleyball. Her team, representing the Eastern province, emerged victorious, and Leah’s exceptional talent on the court did not go unnoticed. She was soon recruited to play for Saint Aloys, where she continued to hone her volleyball skills. 

Leah’s love for Volleyball deepened with each passing day. It wasn’t just a hobby, it was her calling. The fact that she started earning money through volleyball only fueled her passion further. Leah credits her coach for recognizing her potential and guiding her toward success.  


“Leah is an extraordinary athlete who possesses exceptional talent and relentless work ethic. Her commitment to the sport and her team is unmatched. She has not only honed her skills to perfection but has also developed a winning mentality that has been instrumental in our team’s success. Leah is a true inspiration, and I am proud to have her on our team” said SIBORUREMA Florien.  


   “After class Leah enjoys spending quality time with her friends. Together, they engage in a wide array of entertaining activities, creating cherished memories and strengthening their bonds” said Teta.

In 2018, Leah made a significant move in her career by Joining the APR Volleyball team. She played as a setter for the team, a crucial position that required precision and skill. Leah chose APR because they were the first team to offer her a spot right after finishing secondary school. The team provided her with everything she needed, and it is a rich legacy in Rwanda which filled her with pride and excitement.

Throughout her career, Leah has won numerous trophies, including the KAVC TOURNAMENT, THE CHAMPIONSHIP CUP, GMT, TAXPAYER APPRECIATION, and many others. However, her primary focus remains unwavering: to work hard and never give up.

“Sports is not only beneficial for health but it also serves as a deterrent against negative influences, such as drugs. Moreover, sports can also lead to financial opportunities for those who pursue them professionally.” Said Leah when asked to give an advice to those who do not love sports.

Leah’s journey from a young basketball enthusiast to a celebrated volleyball star is a testament to her determination and passion. She continues to inspire others with her dedication to the sports she loves and unwavering commitment to success.  

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