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Changing the World through Poetry-Lebon

Born “Muragizi Israel”, but known in the poetry industry as Lebon is a 22 year old Rwandan who is changing lives through his art of writing.

Inspired by the book “African women’s poetry” that he read during his senior five, Lebon has written poems of over 50pages.

I write poems to make people happy and help them find out more about their personality, likes and dislikes“, he says.

His ‘extrovert nature’ enables him to associate with many people who confide their ‘issues’ to him thus he writes poems as a way of comforting them.

As a profession, Lebon started writing poems for money during his last year in high school where he earned 20,000Frw that he used to start ‘Lebon arts’; an artistic company in Kigali-Rwanda that deals in paintings and creating poems.

Presently, the talented poet is invited to birthdays, events, parties, and conferences to perform his poems and he’s paid ‘big’.

He has also received a lot of positive feedback from across the world of how his poems have changed people’s lives.

Majority of Rwandans especially the youth love romantic poems so I have to put myself in the mind of the reader to come up with a good piece“, Lebon remarks.

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