MKUR’s Kajette to feature in art exhibition

Born Kawera Jeannette, but commonly known as ‘Kajette by fans, is set to feature in a solo exhibition by talented artist-Munyaneza Henry, slated from 11-18, Nov, 2023 at Neza-H Art space in Kiyovu, a Kigali suburb. Themed “Rise & Shine UMUKOBWA”, the exhibition is a celebration of a decade of ‘resilience and triumph’ in Kajette’s […]

Emotional Connection

By Vanessa Emotional Connection show is based on emotional feelings or emotional well-being and stability of human beings in general most importantly in the youth, the show focuses on how the audience feels with different topics that involve emotions but mostly the show engages in getting different sides on how different topics get to the […]

What’s on Show “What’s on Show” is a 1 hour 10 minutes engaging and diverse program that combines music appreciation, celebrity gossip, and thought-provoking discussions. “What’s on,” aims to entertain, educate and inform listeners . 

Kigali Campus night: only miss if you must

It is rare to find campus nights being organized around Kigali. This time round ‘campusers’, have been sorted out and a weekend proggie is fixed out for them.An all university students night (campus night) dubbed “All KGL University Turn Up” has been organized to quench the thirst of many campusers who have been asking for […]

The vocals

The Lifeline gospel show by FLORENCE. K Welcome dear listener, to a program that aims at bringing light into your lives and nourish your souls. You are tuned in to ‘The Lifeline Gospel Show,’ where we embark on a transformative spiritual journey. In a world that can sometimes feel chaotic and uncertain, we recognize […]

Voyagez à Travers l’Histoire et la Musique avec Clarisse Live : Découvrez le Chill Out Show, Votre Pause Éducative et Divertissante en Français !

Travel Through History and Music with Clarisse Live: Discover the Chill Out Show, Your Educational and Entertaining French Escape! In the bustling world of online podcasts, one show stands out as a captivating blend of education and entertainment. Welcome to “Clarisse Live,” where host Inabeza Clarisse invites you to embark on a journey that transcends […]

Love & Life Unspoken: The Betty Isimbi Podcast

Welcome to “Love Unspoken,” the online magazine and podcast that dives deep into the unexplored realms of love, life, and the human experience. I’m your host, Isimbi Rugema Betty, a passionate 21-year-old pursuing a Bachelors’s degree in Mass Media and Communication at Mount Kenya University in Rwanda. Join me on this captivating and heartfelt adventure […]

Dreams come true-Divine Muheto

Crowned ‘Miss Rwanda 2022’, Nshuti Muheto Divine’s dream was to be a beauty queen one day. “I knew I had what it takes to the last dot”. Upon completing her high school, she joined the competition where she emerged the ‘fairest of them all’. In her words, Divine says, “when you fear, you can’t make […]