Mount Kigali University to strengthen collaboration with FOJO Media Institute in bid to support journalism education in Rwanda

On 14th ,February Professor Edwin Odhuno,the Vice chancellor Mount Kigali University received marching visitors from a Sweden based Media institution ,Fojo who currently operate in Gasabo District. Mount Kigali University and Fojo Media Institute are to have a dual collaboration for supporting and guidance in the Media training sector . The partnership which materialized in […]

Rwanda National Budget revised; Increased to 106.4 billion Frw

On Wednesday, 8th, February, the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Uzziel Ndagijimanapresented to Parliament, the 2022/2023 revised budget on behalf of Government. Minister Ndagijimana announced that the proposed budget revision will increase the Government spending by 106.4 billion Rwandan francs, a 2.3% increase to 4,764.8 billion Rwandan francs from 4,658.4 billion Rwandan francs […]

MKUR graduate turns to YouTube for employment

Gatari Regis completed his Bachelors in Media and Mass Communication at Mount Kigali University in the year 2022. Noticing the bulk of the responsibilities that awaited a modern day youth, he opted to go for the long term success strategy rather than the job seeking journey that awaits every graduate. In 2023, after officially ending […]

What’s better than working from ‘home’

Being a student her self and knowing the hardships students go through to get what to eat during meal breaks inspired Zainab to venture into a food selling business. For centuries, women have a reputation of being home makers and cooks although when it comes to dominating the restaurant business, men take the lead. However, […]

Sports an underrated aspect of empowering youth in university

It’s becoming a norm that, sports is being viewed as a way to stay healthy and in shape or fit, but the importance goes much further than body shape and entertainment practice. Broadly, playing sports instills life lessons like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, accountability, and teamwork. Various dangers and vices rising among the youth nowadays namely […]