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What’s better than working from ‘home’

Being a student her self and knowing the hardships students go through to get what to eat during meal breaks inspired Zainab to venture into a food selling business.

For centuries, women have a reputation of being home makers and cooks although when it comes to dominating the restaurant business, men take the lead.

However, there is a massive shift lately as women are breaking the norms by taking their culinary skills outside their homes and turning them into entrepreneurial skills.

Mukeshimana Zainab is among those ladies who decided to use her cooking skills and turn them into an income generating catering and hospitality business.

In September 2020 is when the former student of Media and Mass communication at Mount Kenya University Rwanda (MKUR) took the bold step and opened a restaurant just meters away from the school premises.

Being a student, she was able to win trust from her peers and first clients who she serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the famous street food ‘ibiraha’ (samosas with irish) at convenient prices.

Working in the hospitality industry has greatly improved my personality, enabled me to pay my bills and provide permanent employment to people within my community“, Zainab says proudly.

She encourages young ladies especially students to invest their time wisely if they want to be successful.

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