Kenya potentially loses milk war to Uganda

On March 6, Monday 2023, the Kenya Diary Board announced an indefinite suspension of milk powder imports. It said the long absent rains were expected to come along at last, and therefore Kenyan milk production that had fallen considerably because of drought and the unusual prolonged dry weather spell. Without the ban, it argued, there […]

My father is my business partner

When it comes to business, we are always advised to not involve family if we would like to succeed: ‘Don’t mix family with business’. Many bear witnesses of how their family members made their businesses go bankrupt, others were employed by relatives and never paid, so and so forth. Such cases can make one feel […]

Our families discouraged us but we didn’t listen to them

Irene and Maria are two best friends who had a passion to start up a business together. When they shared the idea with their family’s, they were disouraged but they decided to pay a deaf ear to them. Both friends came up with 150,000frw, paid rent for the shop and also bought a few pairs […]

I serve two masters at ago-Seraphin Mugisha

Seraphin Mugisha is a 24 year old trader and a student at the same time. Barely a year into business, Seraphin deals in clothes, accessories, electronics, food products and cosmetics. “I first worked part-time but the income was insufficient to cater for my needs”. From watching business related videos, reading books and talking to other […]

The ‘rise and fall’ of Gisimenti

You don’t know how to ‘party’ if you were in Kigali post COVID-19 lockdown and you never went to ‘Gisimenti’ car-free zone area. Located at KG 18 Avenue in Kigali, Gisimenti was the ‘go to’ hangout for ‘party animals’ in Kigali every weekend from Friday to Sunday. Streets around the area were closed to all […]

Never fear to begin-Sina Gerard

Born 1963 in the Northern province of Rwanda-Rulindo district, Tare sector, Nyiragarama cell: Sina Gerard is a sounding name in the Rwanda Entrepreneurship sector. He is the founder and Director of ‘Urwibutso entreprises’ commonly known as ‘Nyiragarama’ a prominent food and beverages manufacturing company in Rwanda that provides full and part time jobs to thousands […]

A couple that works together, stays together

With her bride price of one million five hundred thousand francs(1,500,000Frw) and some wages, Dusabimana Marie Claire together with her husband started an ‘Alimentation’ business in Kanombe Samuduha. The alimentation/supermarket named CV; C for ‘Claire’ and V for ‘Vernus’, was started in 2018 after the couple discovered that there was need for such services in […]

Rwandan Technology Investor from Belgium promises the ‘best service’ to Rwanda

Upon attending an investment meeting(Trade mission) in March, 2022 where investment managers in the National Development sector(RDB) discussed ‘real and great opportunities’ for attracting and facilitating investing in Rwanda; Ikuzo Audace who had come to represent his company “Metigla” was inspired to invest in Rwanda. “I’m really happy to have come to my home country, […]

Food prices rise by 2.1% in one month-NISR

The National Institute of Statistics in Rwanda(NISR) report of February 10, 2023 indicates that prices of goods have increased by 2.1% since December 2022. According to NISR, the rise in food prices and non-perishable goods increased by 3.6%, soft drinks by 5.7%, water, housing, gas, and other fuels by 12% with prices in country side […]