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Mount Kigali University to strengthen collaboration with FOJO Media Institute in bid to support journalism education in Rwanda

On 14th ,February Professor Edwin Odhuno,the Vice chancellor Mount Kigali University received marching visitors from a Sweden based Media institution ,Fojo who currently operate in Gasabo District. Mount Kigali University and Fojo Media Institute are to have a dual collaboration for supporting and guidance in the Media training sector .

The partnership which materialized in the year 2021, has seen Fojo Media Institute providing support and guidance on how to professionalize the training journalism students. Fojo Media Institute has seen capacity building on the side of the lecturers by supporting them with training and supporting on research conference attendance. Students have also been receiving training on matters to do with gender reporting, Podcasting and investigative Journalism.

The partnership is expected to be strengthened through joint ventures. As elaborated by Annelie Frank ,the Rwanda International Program Manager of Fojo Media Institute for the previous months ,there have been various initiatives to help grow the media and communication culture with education institutions.

“One part of Rwanda Media Program is to corporate with journalism education in Rwanda at University level ,so we have partnerships with around four universities in Rwanda and Mount Kenya is inclusive ,we are working closely to understand the needs so we can provide strength via training for journalism students and lectures ,one way is to bring in experts from Sweden to aid in trainings and providing skills with the extensive knowledge” She said.

Early involvement in the journalism and educational support field may help individuals develop skills that can be transferable to other careers. By obtaining expertise training in journalism and educational support, individuals may be better equipped to identify and resolve conflicts, develop and manage projects, and offer sound recommendations. With this Annelie Frank provided an insight on the progress being made through the previous partnerships that have been going on ,even off the registers and also illustrating on the difficulties that a still being faced.

“As you know with University education it takes some time before we get all the relations but the expertise are writing reports to Us and we also have contacts after visiting training for lectures in Musanze and the signals that we get are that we can help with special training and we can also see the students magazines to develop the students ,but we see they have been getting alot of help and we can check the stories published for revision and that’s a great step forward” Said Annelie.

Fojo Media Institute may also be able to provide educational support, such as working with individuals to develop curricula and course materials, providing support during the teacher certification process, and offering consultation on how to best teach a particular topic. In addition, developing skills in journalism and educational support may help individuals find employment in fields such as teaching and public relations.

Of recent Fojo Media Institute was in attendance for a professional workshop in Musanze where they interacted with Journalists from various media houses on the issues of Ethical Journalism and the use of social media. This workshop was well received. Talking about future activities to be done throughout this year ,Annelie Frank confirmed that there will be more trainings and supportive programs.

“We are planning more in this year including a conference in Nairobi and there will be lectures going from different universities and there is constant communication with them ,and there will also be an exchange of lectures from Rwanda to Ethiopia and Vice versa in May”. Said Annelie.

The two institutions will work together to create a number of joint projects, which will benefit both parties. Overall, the media partnership between Fojo Media Institute and Mount Kigali University is solid and beneficial.

The VC Prof Edwin Odhuno appreciated Fojo for the support they have offered to department of Media.

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