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A comfort zone for young people is their broken sentencing

Meet the risk, you are too young to be comfortable. pictures from

If we could, most of us would probably stay forever in our safe zone, that is however not a solution especially as young people.

At this age, exploring, doing what scares us most is the goal, because we are at an age where we could fail and have time to get and rebuild ourselves again.

There is an age when we will undoubtedly not be allowed to make mistakes, especially when our families are counting on us, and a lot more responsibilities.

As we end the year, recall different things that took place in your life to see if you didn’t scare yourself out of great opportunities and make it a point to jump at them the next time, and as Rwandans like to say, “Intore yishakira inzira” roughly translates to “intore makes their own way.”

There are a few tips that will help you leave your comfort zone, you can use them now or as we start the new year in a few days.

Change or start a new daily routine.

Let’s start with the lucky people who work at home, never the comfort of their house, some never leaving the bed.

Take a chance and go outside, walk or take a bus to a new location, I say bus because if you have been on one, you know the stories that are being told out loud by strangers, some of these are really educational and mind opening and some are just funny.

Sit at a coffee shop, you will either make new connections professionally or personally and if not your body is still in need of sunlight.

The habits you start will become your daily routine, you will experience less anxiety when going out, a little more joy because people are already entertaining.

Level up your professional skills

One of the things that most of us struggle with is the mind set that after University, we will be graduates and immediately get job opportunities or we will create them ourselves.

This is most times not the case, employers are looking for experience, there are not going to fire someone who has work experience in their company to make space for you just because you have a piece of paper.

If you want to be a creator, do not delude yourself thinking that all it takes is a degree and money, your practical skills, and some of the internships that you have done are some of the things that will play a big part in your business.

Leave your comfort zone, learn a new language, make time for internships, schedule meetings with people who are in that field, form professional relationships with them as mentors, it will help you sooner or later.

Companies should be also encouraging their employees to learn at least one new skill each year, so they can become not only better employees but also better people.

Choose a fear. Face that fear

We might not be able to tell people about our fears, but deep down we know what they are, pick one maybe one fear every month and face it.

Are you scared of expressing yourself in front of others? Make time and find ways to face it.

This includes facing our negative traits that we know we have or the ones we have been told about. Are you quick to anger?

The fear with this, is accepting that we are not perfect and finding ways to be as close as we can be.

What helped me personally was understanding that leaving my safe zone meant I was entering my growth zone.

Plus I felt like a warrior the whole time, there is no time or age that will make anyone strong or fearless to say that they are automatically brave.

Being scared is human, knowing this is key to the journey, however without facing our fears there is no growth.

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