The world comes together to observe International Biodiversity Day

International Day for Biodiversity is celebrated every year on May 22, aiming to enhance understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. This year, the theme is “Be Part of the Plan.” This theme calls on governments, indigenous peoples, local communities, non-governmental organisations, lawmakers, businesses, and individuals to showcase their efforts in supporting the implementation of the […]

A world without butterflies and other pollinators: A looming threat

As a child, I whiled away countless hours chasing butterflies in my grandfather’s garden, captivated by their vibrant hues and delicate wings—a mesmerizing experience that felt like no other. However, these fascinating creatures are disappearing, posing a recent threat to people’s diets. Pollination is the vital process through which pollen is transported from the stamen, […]

Dining in public, stay away from these

Social media is enjoyable and a great way to decompress, but for those who pay ‘attention’, it can also be a source of cash through endorsements, influence, and likes. Even better, it can be a place to learn new skills, including public manners. As you scroll through your feeds, albeit sometimes it depends on the […]

Mother tongue is what makes us Rwandan-Minister Kabarebe

In a speech commemorating International Mother Language Day, Rwandan Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in Charge of Regional Cooperation, Gen (Rtd) James Kabarebe, highlighted the critical role of Kinyarwanda, the nation’s mother tongue, in preserving culture and national identity. Gen(Rtd) Kabarebe emphasized that Kinyarwanda is more than just a language; it embodies Rwandan values […]

Healing the Unseen Wounds: Rwanda’s Duty to Children Born from Genocidal Rape

Photo: Courtesy Literally, everyone might be aware of the very painful tragedy that lies in the heart of Rwanda’s history, a hard story to narrate, as it triggers the collective memory of its people. The 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi which left scars that run deep, wounds that still bleed decades later. Among the countless […]

When your doubts are cleared: a tale of proclaimed Kigali volunteers

Life  teaches  a  lot  of  lessons  and  my  favourite  so  far  has  been  that; ‘we  reap  what  we  sow’. You  may  have  heard  of  it  as  a  proverb, but  I’ve  got  it  as  a  lifetime  lesson. Generation  ‘z’  calls  it ‘karma’, and  they  termed  her  a  ‘bitch’, because  she  serves  you  what  you  give. Knowing  […]

MKUR journalism students called to Action against Gender Based Violence

Gender-based violence (GBV), has long been an insidious issue in society; often relegated to whispers and silence. However, with the annual “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign” initiated by UN Women, the world once again rallies together from November 25th to December 10th, aiming to spotlight this crucial issue and inspire collective action […]

Emotional Connection

By Vanessa Emotional Connection show is based on emotional feelings or emotional well-being and stability of human beings in general most importantly in the youth, the show focuses on how the audience feels with different topics that involve emotions but mostly the show engages in getting different sides on how different topics get to the […]

The vocals

The Lifeline gospel show by FLORENCE. K Welcome dear listener, to a program that aims at bringing light into your lives and nourish your souls. You are tuned in to ‘The Lifeline Gospel Show,’ where we embark on a transformative spiritual journey. In a world that can sometimes feel chaotic and uncertain, we recognize […]