Dining in public, stay away from these

Social media is enjoyable and a great way to decompress, but for those who pay ‘attention’, it can also be a source of cash through endorsements, influence, and likes. Even better, it can be a place to learn new skills, including public manners. As you scroll through your feeds, albeit sometimes it depends on the […]

Graduation; an end to one journey and the beginning of another

In a month’s time, Mount Kenya University Rwanda(MKUR) will be holding its 24th graduation ceremony, a significant milestone to prospective graduates. Graduation marks the end of one journey, and a beginning of a new chapter; filled with dreams and expectations, as well as opportunities and challenges. For the graduates, its vital that you go into […]

Inside Kigali’s  ‘Land  force’

It’s  not  every day  that  the  word  ‘force’  is  used  when referring to  road  transport. Today  however, allow  me  to  use  it: until  I  get  to  use  ‘air  force’ as  a  means  of  transport, ‘land  force’, in  all  its  diversity, is my  means  of  transport. Let me  take  you  down  memory  lane  to  when  I […]

Young architect shares tips on how to excel in the career

“Money isn’t what makes designing wonderful, seeing the fruits of countless hours spent designing does”- Daniel Sangwa. When engineering came to a standstill after the breakout of COVID-19, Daniel awakened his ‘long-buried’ passion for designing. Having studied Civil engineering at university and worked in the field for a while, Daniel noticed a need for a […]

How to build a successful career online

With the rise of social media and the increasing demand for online content, more and more people are turning to content creation as a viable career option. Content creators are individuals who use various forms of media such as; videos, photos, and writing to engage with their audience and build a following. In this article, […]

Start small and grow big

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” is a known quote to many of us, but do we really understand what it implies?, allow me say NO. Very many of us have failed to go after our dreams because we think ‘we don’t have what it takes’. Well; I repeat, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, […]

Pay attention to what you post on social media

We are in a digital world and oh yeah!, we love and enjoy every bit of it; how fast things get done, the convenience, but more so the fun. What you use your gadget for and how you use it is with no doubt all up to you; we even have phrases like ‘my phone’, […]

Be careful who you follow

The people you spend your time with determine who you become in life: “Nurture Vs Nature”. What kind of life are you living today and where do you want to be in years to come? No matter who you are, how you look and what you do, NEVER FOLLOW A LAZY PERSON. A lazy person […]

Once upon a time…

Tomorrow never comes…so they say; and thus, often times if not all the time, we are urged to live in the present: Forget about yesterday and not focus so much on tomorrow because it’s never promised. Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Should that always be the […]

A comfort zone for young people is their broken sentencing

If we could, most of us would probably stay forever in our safe zone, that is however not a solution especially as young people. At this age, exploring, doing what scares us most is the goal, because we are at an age where we could fail and have time to get and rebuild ourselves again. […]