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Young architect shares tips on how to excel in the career

“Money isn’t what makes designing wonderful, seeing the fruits of countless hours spent designing does”- Daniel Sangwa.

When engineering came to a standstill after the breakout of COVID-19, Daniel awakened his ‘long-buried’ passion for designing.

Having studied Civil engineering at university and worked in the field for a while, Daniel noticed a need for a professional designer to give the buildings a deserving interior touch.

He thus embarked on the interior designing journey in 2020 a thing he doesn’t regret and shared the following tips with anyone who would like to join the profession as he says its fulfilling and brings an immeasurable joy to the heart.

⦁ Let ‘the end justify the means’

“Having an idea, implementing it and being able to touch and see it with your own eyes should be the main goal for a designer and not the money”. Be focused on creating better spaces where people can live in comfort and eventually the money will come.

⦁ Keep up with the trends

In the design world, there are countless changes that can happen in just a year, design software, plugins are created and updated to make the designer work easier and faster, you will need to stay updated about the news and new technologies that are coming

⦁ Never stop learning

Learning never ends, always seek for advice from those who ‘went before you’ in the field. The design industry is a vast area so never stop learning especially from those with experience.

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