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Telling stories with lenses

Axel Seka Gandhi is a 21year old Photographer whose career is growing fast but steadily.

What started as a hobby in 2018 is now a profession for the young photographer who in just a period of less than five years has captured photos from key events in Kigali-Rwanda.

I learnt taking photos and editing them from watching YouTube tutorials before approaching people already in the industry to teach me practical skills“, Axel aka King Axel recalls.

In 2020, he started to borrow cameras for a fee of 10,000Frw to cover events such as friends’ birthdays and music concerts.
The money he was paid then made him think of photography as a profession and in 2021, his parents gifted him his first camera after seeing how passionate he was with the career.

In that same year, Axel paid for a VIP ticket to watch the live Basketball-all-star game that was headlined by Nigerian artiste Rema at Kigali Arena where he captured every moment of the event and posted the photos on his IG (Instagram).

Some of the photos of artistes King Axel has captured

The photos went viral giving him a breakthrough as he was later approached by other musicians like Ric Hassan whose photos he captured during the ‘Fantasy Music Concert’ at Kigali Convention Center.

Now the official photographer for Ingabo corner a creative hub and community space, Axel attributes his ‘uniqueness’ to being patient and flexible.

Born and raised in Huye district-southern province, in a family of three where he happens to be the second born, King Axel who is yet to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Mass media and communication says his greatest challenge in the industry so far is the expensive equipment in addition to restricted permission of taking photos in some places.

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