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Starting a side hustle at University

Just like most of us who get a chance to go to university,excited we are, for the outside real world in terms of working and the thought of wanting to provide the basics of life for yourself hits different .

Ofcourse one cannot undermine how good it feels to get off a burden of tuition from your parents.

Being a foreign student, Sheilah Kayitesi, a 24  year old law student at Makerere university in Uganda  set up a side-earning business that she decided to name “ sheilah’s beauty spot” where she does make up for her fellow students in case they want a glam for a special occasion.

“My customer base is diverse, meaning it is not limited just to my  fellow students but also non-students and the rest of the customers”,  Sheilah says.

She also says  that the business earns her 250,000 ugandan shillings a month equivalent to 73,450 frw which she uses to cater for her  bills namely, rent, electricity to mention but a few.

Asked whether the side hustle does not interfere with her academics, Sheilah says that it is just a matter of having such a good art of multitasking and proper management to be able to combine school with a side earning business.

“I am able to find time for both my school work and for my business as well”.

As a result of setting up a side business, Sheilah got a gig during her sister’s wedding where she did make up for the bride and her maids earning such a sustainable amount of money.

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