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Meet the trio behind Nyurwa design house Rwanda

Creativity doesn’t wait for a perfect moment, it fashions its perfect moments out of the ordinary ones“-Bruce Garrabrandt.

Higiro Hussein, Dushimimana Schadrack and Gashugi Nicola are a true definition of ‘birds of the same feathers flock together’.

The trio used their common traits: family background, patriotism and talent to come up with an ‘art and fashion designing’ house.

This was after graduating from high school and like most youths, they couldn’t find employment.

Having done a couple of gigs in the past which didn’t pay enough to cater for their needs, the trio resorted to forming its own company that they registered with RRA(Rwanda Revenue Authority).

I can’t remember the exact time I started painting, but I do recall getting punished as a child for drawing and creating a mess on anything I laid my hands on“, said Higiro Hussein; one of the founders of Nyurwa design house.

With 12 full time painters, the trio’s fashion house is now in position to take tenders for; interior designing, painting and clothing.

Some of the work by the trio from Nyurwa design house

The young entrepreneurs main focus is to influence their generation to embrace the Rwandan culture and ancient history by creating designs that could attract youths from all corners, be it at the work place, social media channels and in their households.

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