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Living in Purity: CU & BCC-MKUR Annual Conference Celebration

If you have been attending or if you are a former graduate of Mount Kenya Rwanda specifically its branch in Kigali, you might have heard of or better yet you have even attended a service hosted by the Christian Union.

A group of students who gather on specific days to read the word of God, Bible study and my personal favorite; praise and worship.

This union was initiated way back in the year 2012 when Mount Kenya first opened its campus in Rwanda, within the same year in the month of December it held its first ever conference that gathered various people from students, leaders, pastors, and choirs to join together and worship.
Unfortunately it was short lived since not long after due to lack of proper leadership this union stopped its gathering.

Members of the Christian Union in Mount Kigali University Kigali, Rwanda.

Then comes 2015 and the Christian Union is once again revived and risen to work in serving the Lord.
This was through a student of this university by the name; Ndirikirirenze Ravi, through him the conference could once again be held but not only for that year but for every other year until now(2022).
As of now this union is lead by Shekinah along with six others who have dedicated their time to raising an army of Christ within the grounds of Mount Kigali University, Kigali.

During a Whatsapp interview with Shekinah, her humility, gentle and God-fearing personality could be sensed almost directly. She is a young girl who has given her life to Christ and in return was a given a burning passion to serve God.

She says that after being chosen to lead her fellow Christians in this journey, she continues to pray and strengthen her faith as a Christian.

When I asked her about this conference they are organizing, she happily answered with “It is a good time for the youth to know and understand well that maintaining a Christian lifestyle is possible in these days even though technology seems to be consuming most of the youth’s time.”

She continues to say that this is a good time indeed to be in the presence of God and from her actions we can learn to also share the love of God.

As her team prepares the conference for its six time, it will take place in Mount Kigali University on 2nd December 2022 from 1pm to 6pm.

At the moments, preparations of the conference are seemingly finished.

The worshiper and the pastor invited have sent their confirmation and say they are looking forward to come and serve as best as they can.

Lounge worship team, a group of young worshippers ready to lift people in the Spirit of Praise and Worship.

And the word of God being shared by the one and only Pastor Dr. Gatete Alfred.

This team leading these preparation for the conference kept in mind to invite the people who are more familiar to the youth and it is safe to assume that they might have achieved their goal.

Everyone is highly welcomed to praise and worship almighty God and it will be a good time to know how to stay in a purity life.

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