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Fame from Fun

It is amazing how what was originally meant for fun can turn out into fame that pays.

Nazma Akbarali is a famous social media personality known for her dancing videos on the lip-syncing app Tiktok.

Her breakthrough came in July, 2020 when she posted a side-by-side video (known on the platform as a ‘duet’) alongside her friend ‘Move with Joy’.

Despite her fame, the teenager still considers herself a ‘normal’ person who people just love to watch.

With content dominated of her dancing to trending songs on the platform, Nazma has been able to secure a big following on Tiktok among which are brand owners.

Famous Rwandan photographer Frank Axcel was the first to contact Nazma offering her a job opportunity as a model.

He was later followed by ‘New species’, a phone and accessories company that signed the ‘down to earth’ and pretty young lady as their brand ambassador.

Besides dancing, Nazma is also a comedian given her great sense of humor.

She advises young people using social media to be careful with the information they share as people interpret things differently. “Don’t post any pictures that you wouldn’t want your parents, teachers, or anyone you know to see“, Nazma warned.

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