Capturing the emotions using camera by Jules Dorlan

capturing emotion using a camera requires a blend of technical skills, artistic vision, and emotional intelligence. It involves understanding the human psyche, establishing a connection with subjects, and being able to translate emotions into visual form. The photographs produced have the potential to elicit profound emotional responses, providing viewers with a window into the depth […]

Rosine’s dive into photojournalism

Step into a world where the power of images transcends the limits of words. Join Rosine, a passionate and adventurous photojournalist, as he embarks on a captivating visual voyage, delving deep into the heart of humanity. In his quest to capture truth and bring hidden stories to light, Rosine takes us beyond the surface, beyond […]

Defining beauty through camera lens

What may look ordinary with the eyes can be made extra ordinary with the lens, you don’t think so, the following photos will convince you. Street photography; You probably have been along this street if you reside in Kicukiro, but never have you thought that it looks this beautiful if captured through camera lens. Advertisement […]

Drinks don’t bring back memories, photos do

The mind will always forget, but the eyes will always remind it; only through ‘photography’ and its diverse nature. Advertisement photography; This picture was taken at Kicukiro centre it is an advert photo I took it because it is informing about a certain product ( skol beer). Environment photography; A beautiful picture you are seeing […]

Don’t want to forget it, then capture it

Always go down memory lane by capturing your moments through photography. Portrait photography; As you can see in the picture above it shows a girl who was holding up a book after defending. I captured it in Intare conference Arena in Rusororo sector. Product photography; This photo was captured in Kicukiro Sonatubes it shows a […]

Bahizi’s visual voyage: exploring the depths of photojournalism

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of photojournalism, where images speak volumes and transport us into captivating narratives. Join me as we delve into the realms of Documentary Photography, Portrait Photography, Sports Photography, Landscape Photography, and Street Photography. Through a series of carefully captured moments, we will explore the essence of each genre. Let’s embark on […]

Fiona Culinary Delights: Indulge, Explore

Fiona Ineza Bahizi’s Lens Chronicles the Beauty and captures the essence of Kacyiru street, Culinary Delights, Serene Boating Adventure, Commercial Visions, and Nature’s Elegance. The diverse facets of Kacyiru street in the heart of Kigali; Through her captivating photography, she captures the vibrant essence of this beautiful place, showcasing its allure and charm. Nature’s Elegance […]

Photography in six dimensions

1.Street photography street photograph: The photograph captures the essence of a bustling city street during the early evening hours. The composition is framed to showcase a busy intersection, where people and vehicles converge. 2.landscape photography As the view expands, the hills rise and fall, revealing layers of varying hues and textures. Some hills are adorned […]

The beauty of photography

Landscape photography; Always admiring the beauty of nature Sports photography; The field, a place where I get to show off my potential Fashion photography; People say that this kind of Muslim dressing is hard for them but the truth it looks amazing on them. Even it is always treasure to see women wearing fully body […]