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Bahizi’s visual voyage: exploring the depths of photojournalism

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of photojournalism, where images speak volumes and transport us into captivating narratives. Join me as we delve into the realms of Documentary Photography, Portrait Photography, Sports Photography, Landscape Photography, and Street Photography.

Through a series of carefully captured moments, we will explore the essence of each genre. Let’s embark on our journey with portrait photography.

Portrait photography;

Behold these two striking portraits that depict the Rwandan artist, Christopher Muneza, in all his glory. These images were captured during an event commemorating 50 years of music by Abdul Makanyaga on Tuesday of June 4th. Using a Canon EOS R, I immortalized the passion and talent exuded by Christopher in his performance.

Documentary photography;

Now, let us transition to the realm of documentary photography. Brace yourself as we embark on a visual exploration of Abdul Makanyaga’s grand celebration of 50 years in the music industry. With my Canon EOS R in hand, I captured six evocative images on Tuesday of June 4th.

Through these photographs, you will experience the electric atmosphere that enveloped the venue. Keep an eye out for the moment when Makanyaga grasps a symbolic cake, encapsulating the essence of the event. With these vivid visuals and the contextual backdrop, my aim is to make you feel like an active participant in this extraordinary occasion.

Sports photography;

Next on our captivating itinerary is the realm of sports photography. Witness the power and emotion encapsulated in two distinct images. The first image, captured with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV on Thursday, June 29th, portrays a basketball game between Rwanda and Tanzania’s men’s teams.

The poignant scene features a player, marked as number 8, with hands raised in frustration as his team faces a challenging quarter, with a mere 22 seconds remaining.

The second image, also taken with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, captures a moment during a game in the liberation tournament between the Republican Guard and the Task Force Division on Monday of July 3rd. The emotional composition showcases two footballers fiercely battling for possession of the ball, their determination evident in every fiber of their beings.

Landscape photography;

As we move forward, let us pause to appreciate the allure of landscape photography. Behold a breathtaking mountain range, a splendid testament to the majesty of nature.

Shot with a Sony ILCE-7M3, this photograph captures the verdant beauty of a hill located in the picturesque Nyaruguru district. Immerse yourself in the serenity and grandeur that nature offers, allowing the image to transport you to this awe-inspiring location.

Product photography;

Now, allow me to unveil product photography. Feast your eyes on a pristine depiction of the latest phone model released by Infinix. Taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, this image was captured on Tuesday of June 13th during the product launch of the Infinix Note 30 Series.

With meticulous attention to detail, I aimed to showcase the phone’s elegance and innovative features, encapsulating the essence of this cutting-edge device.

Street photography;

Finally, we arrive at the captivating genre of street photography, where artistry and reality intertwine. Witness a harmonious composition of two German cars, a classic Mercedes Benz C-Class 1998 model, and a modern Volkswagen Teramont SUV.

Captured on the morning of Eid al-Adha, Wednesday, June 28th, with a EOS 5D Mark IV, this photograph exudes a unique charm. By seamlessly blending artistic vision with the bustling street scene, I aimed to create a captivating juxtaposition of automotive eras.

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