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Be careful who you follow

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The people you spend your time with determine who you become in life: “Nurture Vs Nature”.

What kind of life are you living today and where do you want to be in years to come? No matter who you are, how you look and what you do, NEVER FOLLOW A LAZY PERSON.

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A lazy person is not only dangerous to themselves but also to those around him. Much as they’re not the only bad people we should look out for, they top the list of people we should stay away from.

Nothing in life comes easy and for that matter, you need to be patient, determined and hard working if you want to make it in life. The following tips will help you get there:

1: Choose faith over fear;

Fear has two meanings: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise, the choice is yours but always tread wisely. I love the Biblical part that encourages having Faith as tiny as a mustard seed; it shouldn’t be about how big of it you have, but as long as it is there within you. Faith moves mountains and so have just a little bit of it and you will conquer the world: Where Faith is, there’s no Fear.

2: Keep trying;

Never be afraid of trying because the more you try, the more you overcome failure. Heard of “Try and fail but never fail to try“?, well, you should keep that close to your heart always. With failure comes experience for the next time you try, you won’t be repeating the same mistakes.

3: Celebrate your ‘little’ achievements;

Rome was not built in a day“, it took laying brick by brick to come up with what we admire today. You too won’t get to where you want to be in just a blink of an eye, it is going to take you one day at a time. However, while on that dream journey, stop and celebrate how far you’ve come. Do not look back and grieve over what you’ve lost, neither should you be troubled about the future, instead live in the present and make it so beautiful.

4: Don’t be selfish;

Nothing kills joy like comparison. A person who constantly compares themselves with others is sad and bitter which makes them become selfish. Never let this be you, support and share what you have with others. The more you share is the more you achieve (we reap what we sow).

5: Stay true to who you are;

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Self love is key but while at it, be honest with you who are. Know your weaknesses and strengths so that you work on improving your self all the time. Your strengths will give you the ability to be who you were born to be while your weaknesses will push you to be a better person.

The world is full of difficulties but so are great things. Learn to see the good in the bad and you will be filled with greatness. REMEMBER, follow only those who challenge you to be the best version of you but never Lazy people!!

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