“NGAMIJE Jean Nicolas: Captain for the Kigali Titans Basketball Club in Rwanda”

Ngamije Jean Nicolas is a distinguished Rwandan basketball player who currently holds the esteemed position of captain of the Kigali Titans basketball club. His journey in the realm of basketball begun at the age of 14 in the year 2015, when he embarked on his career journey as a basketball player. During this formative period, […]

Giving ‘hope’ and a ‘future’ to the next generation through charity

While celebrating her 20th birthday in March, 2022, Blessing Irakoze together with her friends chose to ‘party’ with street kids. The smiles from the street kids touched the ‘team’ and they decided to form ‘grateful for life’; a charity organization that presently takes care of 100 children providing them with basic needs and school fees. […]