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“NGAMIJE Jean Nicolas: Captain for the Kigali Titans Basketball Club in Rwanda”

picture of Ngamije Jean Nicolas. (picture from Ngamije)

Ngamije Jean Nicolas is a distinguished Rwandan basketball player who currently holds the esteemed position of captain of the Kigali Titans basketball club. His journey in the realm of basketball begun at the age of 14 in the year 2015, when he embarked on his career journey as a basketball player. During this formative period, he represented his high school basketball team at Wellspring academy, marking the beginning of what has become a remarkable sports path.

At the young age of 22, Ngamije not only assumes the role of a basketball captain but also pursues his academic studies as a student at Mount Kigali University. He is dedicated to achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism, currently progressing through his second year of studies.

Ngamije on the basketball court. (picture from Kigali Titans’ instagram page)

when asked about how he balances basketball and school the 22 year old shared “I have the privilege of managing my daily schedule through dedicating my mornings to studies, engaging in training sessions during the noon, and reserving my weekends for competitive games.”

In addition to his role as a captain, Ngamije also plays the position of point guard and wears the number 6 on his jersey.

The captain of the team wearing the number 6 jersey

In regards to his contributions to the team, The Team Captain revealed that his contributions extend beyond his skills on the court, but mostly include exceptional teamwork, leadership abilities, and a strong sense of collectiveness within the team, “after all a leader is only as good as the people he leads” said Ngamije.

Fifth individual from the right with the rest of the team.

Eugene Rubonera the president of Kigali Titans BBC expressed “I see potential in all these young talented men and they make a good team. All their hard work has made the team strong and powerful, we gained not only trophies but also respect among our fans and the rest of Rwandans, we couldn’t have achieved it all without the captain’s efforts, that inspired the rest of the team through his role as a courageous player.”

Ngamije poses with Eugene Rubonera, the president of Kigali Titans BBC after signing to join the club.

fans also commented “ever since we started the fun club for Kigali Titans, we’ve seen the improvement in teamwork” said a fan. Another fan also said “They won a lot of trophies but mostly they won our hearts, with Ngamije on the frontlines as team captain, we’ve never been more proud”. “he has been not only a captain but also a brother to us, we are proud that he always cares for his teammates in general.” Stated some fans from Kigali Titans Fan Club.

Kigali Titans Fan club cheering for their team.
Fans showing Ngamije love during a game. (picture from Kigali Titans’s instagram page)

Ngamije proudly expressed, “I have reached a point where I pictured the Kigali Titans BBC as the epitome of victory, having achieved our goals and fulfilled the dreams we set, the unwavering commitment, support, and the deep affection from our fans have played a crucial role in making this journey achievable. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who believed and continues to believe in us, guiding us towards perfection in our goals.”

picture of NGAMIJE’s stats in the game versus IPRC KIGALI.

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