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Giving ‘hope’ and a ‘future’ to the next generation through charity

While celebrating her 20th birthday in March, 2022, Blessing Irakoze together with her friends chose to ‘party’ with street kids.

The smiles from the street kids touched the ‘team’ and they decided to form ‘grateful for life’; a charity organization that presently takes care of 100 children providing them with basic needs and school fees.

Blessing Irakoze(second left, back row) with her team members and children from ‘grateful for life’.

“The beginning was not easy, me and friends are all students who are not financially stable but we have a strong passion for helping the ‘future’ leaders of our nation and that keeps us going”, Blessing noted.

One of Blessing’s friend: Gloria who also runs a charity foundation ‘Care and Help’ notes that their goal is to eradicate the issue of ‘street children’ by giving them a home and good life.

As for Blessing, she says her joy is in seeing children happy and thus encourages the youth to support children with the little they have.

Blessing Irakoze with the children of ‘grateful for life’

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