Learning culture through dance

“I learnt about my culture both theoretically and practically through dancing; I realized that it is out behavior, our lifestyle and a thing to be proud of“, Ngendo Aubin-traditional dancer. From when he was five years, Aubin and his siblings held dance rehearsals at home aimed at entertaining relatives during family gatherings. Its from those […]

Your mobile phone can be your employment

Josie Mukundete after completion of high school in 2021 searched for a job but in vain. She then resorted to her smart phone to be the source of income by recording events from Rwanda and posting them on her brother’s YouTube channel-‘The Ask’. With time, she started her own channel; ‘Josie Rw’ which showcased the […]

I connect with people through music-DJ Kleen

“The best part of being a deejay is that I have the ability to connect with people through music.” Known to Kigali ‘clubbers’ as DJ Kleen: born Taremwa Herbert, says he has loved music all his life. “When I was young, I could spend a lot of time in my room imagining myself as a […]