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Learning culture through dance

I learnt about my culture both theoretically and practically through dancing; I realized that it is out behavior, our lifestyle and a thing to be proud of“, Ngendo Aubin-traditional dancer.

From when he was five years, Aubin and his siblings held dance rehearsals at home aimed at entertaining relatives during family gatherings.

Its from those ‘simple’ lessons that sparked his motivation to take on dancing wholly.

During his ordinary level(O Level) in 2018, while in the Southern province, he joined a team of traditional dancers to improve on his skills.

Later on, because he also needed to earn a living from the hobby, Aubin Joined ‘Indinzi Cultural Group’ to which he belongs up to date.

It’s a good feeling to be paid for what you love doing most“, Aubin states.

Much as Aubin started dancing at an early age, he faced challenges performing in-front of crowds. “My first challenge was to dance while looking people direct into their eyes, as time went on though, I got familiar with it and its now my lifestyle“. He said.

He recommends that ‘young’ people should be taught about culture so that they carry it on to the generations to come. “Culture is what we carry wherever we go”.

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