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Your mobile phone can be your employment

Josie Mukundete after completion of high school in 2021 searched for a job but in vain.

She then resorted to her smart phone to be the source of income by recording events from Rwanda and posting them on her brother’s YouTube channel-‘The Ask’.

With time, she started her own channel; ‘Josie Rw’ which showcased the “Kwita Izina” ceremony in 2022 gaining her a multitude of following.

Josie’s channel is now used to advertise houses, hotels and different events from which she earns money to take care of herself as well as pay her university tuition.

To her, there are multiple challenges she faces while doing her work but she has learnt to live with them.

I love what I do and would advice everyone out there to do what they like because its less tiring“, she said.

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