Meet the trio behind Nyurwa design house Rwanda

“Creativity doesn’t wait for a perfect moment, it fashions its perfect moments out of the ordinary ones“-Bruce Garrabrandt. Higiro Hussein, Dushimimana Schadrack and Gashugi Nicola are a true definition of ‘birds of the same feathers flock together’. The trio used their common traits: family background, patriotism and talent to come up with an ‘art and […]

Body building: ‘Small’ size and lack of strength inspired Dushimimana

Although he was active in sports as a teenager, Dushimimana Alain was still small and weak; being an athlete alone wasn’t helping, something was ‘missing’, he thought. “Compared to people in my age group, I was the smallest: my lack of size and strength made life hard for me until I started to read about […]