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Body building: ‘Small’ size and lack of strength inspired Dushimimana

Although he was active in sports as a teenager, Dushimimana Alain was still small and weak; being an athlete alone wasn’t helping, something was ‘missing’, he thought.

Compared to people in my age group, I was the smallest: my lack of size and strength made life hard for me until I started to read about nutrition and supplements“, he notes.

Being a ‘hard gainer’, results came slow for Alain which was frustrating in the beginning, but he was committed and determined to get his ‘dream body’.

His family and friends also supported him and encouraged him to keep going. “At first my parents struggled to understand what I was doing and were scared of the harm I might cause to my body but they supported me anyway“, Alain recalls.

If he is not training himself, he’s training others“, Isimbi Martine- Alain’s sister said; sounding proud of her brother.

The gym became Alain’s safe haven and after a while, his hard work paid off though he never stopped practicing.

In 2018, he was approached by a group of seventeen people who offered him 1000Frw each to train them for two hours every Saturday after they had failed to get their ‘desired’ body results despite frequenting the gym.

Alain turned down their offer at first because he knew it was going to be a lot of work for him, but out of pity; since he had been ‘there’ before, he sympathized with them and accepted.

During that time, more people with aerobic and cardio problems, others wanting a complete make-over were consulting him for advice.

Six months later, he decided to turn his hobby into a profession by rendering home training services and nutrition advice at 30,000Frw per session compared to the 20,000Frw that was being paid at the gym.

So far, Alain has done 10 body building shows, read over 20 fitness books, interviewed countless bodybuilding celebrities, and played heavy weight matches where he has won awards in addition to doing ‘bouncing’ gigs for different shows.

He however doesn’t consider himself successful yet, although, he doesn’t deny the fact that he is what he is now all thanks to body building and fitness.

I earn my living from body training and fitness, my philosophy is based on physical activity because my body responds well to it“, Alain said.

His goal is to encourage and inspire people to do sports for a healthy lifestyle.

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