Rwandan Technology Investor from Belgium promises the ‘best service’ to Rwanda

Upon attending an investment meeting(Trade mission) in March, 2022 where investment managers in the National Development sector(RDB) discussed ‘real and great opportunities’ for attracting and facilitating investing in Rwanda; Ikuzo Audace who had come to represent his company “Metigla” was inspired to invest in Rwanda. “I’m really happy to have come to my home country, […]

SKOL, Inyange and Volcano return to Burundi as bilateral relations improve with Rwanda

As a result of the ongoing resurgence of relations between Rwanda and Burundi that had been strained since 2015, popular Rwandan products have been spotted on the market in Bujumbura- the capital city of Burundi, reports ‘Burundi Eco newspaper’. The relationship between the two countries became ‘bitter’ in 2015 when Burundi accused Rwanda of ‘helping’ […]

Food prices rise by 2.1% in one month-NISR

The National Institute of Statistics in Rwanda(NISR) report of February 10, 2023 indicates that prices of goods have increased by 2.1% since December 2022. According to NISR, the rise in food prices and non-perishable goods increased by 3.6%, soft drinks by 5.7%, water, housing, gas, and other fuels by 12% with prices in country side […]