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Rwandan Technology Investor from Belgium promises the ‘best service’ to Rwanda

Upon attending an investment meeting(Trade mission) in March, 2022 where investment managers in the National Development sector(RDB) discussed ‘real and great opportunities’ for attracting and facilitating investing in Rwanda; Ikuzo Audace who had come to represent his company “Metigla” was inspired to invest in Rwanda.

I’m really happy to have come to my home country, the first thing that made me do this is because am Rwandan“, he said.

The Rwandan national from Belgium worked for over ten years for ‘Metigla’ that sells construction materials especially tiles and was responsible for exporting them to various African countries.

Ikuzo founded ‘IT Dynamics’ together with his partner from Belgium to provide ‘Microsoft’ services(data management system) that keep documents in a digital form to large companies both public and private as well as train IT managers on how the technology works.

We have been in Rwanda for a week and met some companies but planning to meet more, our target is companies that employ more than 100 employees“, he said.

To him, bringing such services to Rwanda doesn’t imply that they do not exist, instead it doesn’t match the level the government wants to achieve.

When you see something good in other places, you wonder why it is not in your country, its a good thing that the government in Rwanda is working tirelessly towards developing ICT“, Ikuzo notes.

He goes on to appreciate the convenience of starting a business in Rwanda. “The day we applied to open a business in Rwanda with RDB(Rwanda Development Board), is the same day we got the TIN number“.

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