Gatesi Kamahe Prince: “The Journey on His Way to Greatness”

Gatesi Prince Kamahe In the heart of the Rwandan basketball world, one of the names that stand out is Gatesi Prince.a 23 years old that got signed by IPRC Kigali, where he plays as shooting guard and wears number 13 on his jersey, Prince is now poised to embark on a new chapter in his […]

Art for ‘Therapy’

Teta does her art on sensitive subjects that people don’t often talk about as a form of therapy. Originally, Michelin Teta’s dream was to be a film producer but as she grew older, she was constantly creating ‘small things’ thus taking ART as a subject at ECOLE D’ARTS DE NYUNDO during her high school. With […]

Meet the brains behind Afrolago Rwanda

“I started this business purposely to support people with disabilities”-AFRIKA PARTICK: CEO and founder Afrolago Rwanda. Raised by a father who was into shoe making, Patrick is a true definition of “charity begins at home” after deciding to follow into the same path. What started as an act of ‘good kid helping dad run business’ […]