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Art for ‘Therapy’

Teta does her art on sensitive subjects that people don’t often talk about as a form of therapy.

Originally, Michelin Teta’s dream was to be a film producer but as she grew older, she was constantly creating ‘small things’ thus taking ART as a subject at ECOLE D’ARTS DE NYUNDO during her high school.

With her parents support, Teta has held two solo exhibitions, attended six group exhibitions and planning another solo exhibition come summer this year.

Besides art, the 24 year old is a fashion designer, cinematographer, script writer, painter, and tatoo artist.

Faced with the same challenges ladies’ in other professions face(sexual harassment), Teta says, “whenever someone demands for my body in exchange for any service, I just walk away, I know my worth and can always do better without their help“.

Competition on the market, scarcity of materials to use and ‘ignorance’ by most people about art in addition to balancing her passion with school are other things that distress the female artist.

Inspired by her ‘own self’, Teta sees herself holding more exhibitions not only in Rwanda, but also across the Globe in the next five years.

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