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Meet the brains behind Afrolago Rwanda

I started this business purposely to support people with disabilities”-AFRIKA PARTICK: CEO and founder Afrolago Rwanda.

Raised by a father who was into shoe making, Patrick is a true definition of “charity begins at home” after deciding to follow into the same path.

What started as an act of ‘good kid helping dad run business’ gave birth to a promising ‘Made in Rwanda’ merchandise company.

During his time at College de Butama in 2020, Patrick used to make shoes and sell them to his school mates and after graduating in 2020; with only 50,000 Frw, he decided to start a shoe making company of his own.

Years later, the 25 year old is a CEO of Afrolago Rwanda a strong and competitive business in ‘Made in Rwanda’ products.

‘Disability is not inability’ and so at his Kiyovu-Kaso based company, Patrick employs people with disabilities mostly the deaf. He says the products they make require the use of hands and as long as one has them, the rest doesn’t matter.

I want to make a difference in the lives of people living with disabilities, they have the ability just like others but are never given a chance“, the young CEO noted.

Similar to other businesses, Afrolago is faced with challenges during its operation the major ones being; insufficient raw materials to use and communication since most of the employees are deaf according to the CEO.

However, with the goal to grow his business worldwide promoting African products particularly those made in Rwanda, Patrick is determined to conquer everything that may come his way.

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