From ‘International Relations’ to Journalism-Aimee Mushashi

Its not news any more when one studies something but then choose to do something else: ‘Passion over Professionalism’; after-all, we are told each day to ‘do what we like so that we don’t have to work a single day’. Graduating from University of Rwanda(UR) with a Bachelors Degree in ‘International Relations’ didn’t imply that […]

Art as way of speaking to people

Art is one of the open ways of talking to people; the emotions, feelings and all untold stories make people feel connected. The love to try new things through; heavy strokes of impression, flow of texture, torn foundry, engage different colors and grayscales in bright and dark backgrounds is what gave birth to ROBERT SENGA’s […]

Be careful who you follow

The people you spend your time with determine who you become in life: “Nurture Vs Nature”. What kind of life are you living today and where do you want to be in years to come? No matter who you are, how you look and what you do, NEVER FOLLOW A LAZY PERSON. A lazy person […]