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From ‘International Relations’ to Journalism-Aimee Mushashi

Its not news any more when one studies something but then choose to do something else: ‘Passion over Professionalism’; after-all, we are told each day to ‘do what we like so that we don’t have to work a single day’.

Graduating from University of Rwanda(UR) with a Bachelors Degree in ‘International Relations’ didn’t imply that TV1’s ‘Aimee Beaute Mushashi’ will make that particular field her career ground.

Infact, while pursuing that degree, she was working as a volunteer on SALUS Radio: no wonder she is a famous journalist at the moment.

After her studies, she got a job as a reporter at TV1 a thing she never expected as her expertise was in radio presenting, she accepted it either way.

Working as a reporter has come with opportunities to acquire skills in editing videos, how to conduct interviews and writing stories for Aimee.

For the young people, Aimee encourages them to always be brave to try out different opportunities especially those in line with their talents.

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