The hidden knowledge in reading

There are many things one can do during their free time, from watching soccer, to movies, to talking a walk, among others. Much as relaxation is guaranteed with whichever you choose to go with, there’s one that will grant you more: knowledge; and that’s reading. Allow me share with you my three favorite novels of […]

Places that make the world a beautiful place

Beauty in a greenery

“To travel is to live”- Hans Christian Anderson. The world is not only beautiful because we can live and do what we want, its beautiful because of the alluring places both natural and man made. The next time you want to go out and enjoy the beauty of the world, have the following places on […]

What to know about ‘true crime’ entertainment

‘True crime’ is a nonfiction production in the form of; books, films, podcasts, and television shows; where the author examines a crime and details the actions of people associated with and affected by criminal events. Forty percent of the crimes are murders focusing on tales of serial killers and genre recounting high-profile, sensational crimes such […]

Young architect shares tips on how to excel in the career

“Money isn’t what makes designing wonderful, seeing the fruits of countless hours spent designing does”- Daniel Sangwa. When engineering came to a standstill after the breakout of COVID-19, Daniel awakened his ‘long-buried’ passion for designing. Having studied Civil engineering at university and worked in the field for a while, Daniel noticed a need for a […]

Arsenal is likely to win the Premier league-Wayne Rooney

The England and Manchester United legend has had his say on who he believes will make the Premier League top four at the end of the season.Although the title looks set to go to either Arsenal or Manchester City, there are still several sides battling for the final two spots in the race for champion […]

Staying relevant: How university keeps adjusting to changing needs

Story by EVANS ONGWAE Mount Kigali University (MKU) is adjusting its curricula to meet the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC)requirements, Vice-Chancellor Prof Deogratius JAGANYI, has announced.The VC says this is “to ensure MKU remains competitive in the labour market and compliant with the ongoing basic education curricula reforms”. Prof JAGANYI adds that the university is also reviewing […]

Celebration as MKU holds its 21st graduation ceremony

Mount Kigali University is currently holding its 21st graduation ceremony led by The Chancellor, Mount Kigali University, Prof John Struthers on behalf of the University Council, Management Board, and Senate. The event was held at Mwai Kibaki Convention Centre at Thika Main Campus. Rwanda graduands are currently following the proceeding online via the various platforms […]