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Who is ‘Director Emmy’

Emmanuel Muhire aka Director Emmy is a second born from a family of eight; born and raised in Kigali-Rwanda.

Emmy started his company M.E entertainment in 2017 and for years now, he has directed many songs and captured many pictures from different events in Rwanda.

Director- Emmy learnt taking videos and photos through research on Goggle, YouTube and other platforms in addition to approaching Directors and photographers with experience in the industry of Filmmaking and photography to train him the practical skills.

What inspired me to become a director in filmmaking and photography is that Filmmaking requires creativity and passion and I wanted to become a creative person in the industry“, Emmy recalls.

Using his passion, creativity and love for story telling, Emmy wants to provide Rwandan cinema Projects the perfect platform to unleash their dreams by participating in filmmaking and photography competitions.

The 25 year old hopes to provide jobs to the youth in film making and photography reason he registered his company ‘M.E entertainment’ with Rwanda Development Board(RDB).

The more successful the villain, the more the more successful the picture” Alfred Hitchcock.

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