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What a man can do, a woman can do better: Florence Kudembe to redefine MKUR leadership

Its election time in MKUR(Mount Kigali University Rwanda) and unlike previous elections, this one comes with a ‘bang’, one that is to go down in history.

Primarily, because it is the first election the campus is holding since its accreditation.

Additionally, a ‘female figure’ has come out to run for the biggest office.

From the time Florence Kudembe announced her intent to run for Guild President, she has received enormous support from her course mates and the entire student’s body at MKUR.

The positive reception she encountered nearly left her running unopposed; not until the electoral commission extended the ‘application dates’, in search for a candidate to oppose her.

Even then, students are not backing down. Words in the ‘corridors’ has it that they’re impatiently waiting for voting day to rally behind their ‘cherished one’.

Why you should vote for Florence

Empowerment; In her manifesto, Florence pledges to ‘leave no student behind’. With a belief that ‘Knowledge is power’, the incoming Guild President is to provide resources, mentorship programs and academic support to all students of MKUR.

With a role model as H.E Jeannette Kagame, it is no shock that Florence is putting ladies at the forefront of her leadership. The ‘gem’ intends to; dedicate her entire leadership to imparting leadership skills and self confidence among female students through a program dubbed ‘HER initiative’ that will entail workshops, mentorship opportunities and networking events.

A parent at heart, Florence understands the value of ‘play’ in a child’s life. Hence, its not going to be ‘books without games’ under her leadership. A vibrant campus culture where every student feels engaged and connected is what MKUR will be brimming. Events like beauty pageants, active school clubs, cultural galas, and many more will no longer be ‘news’ at the school environment.

Due to her personality, Florence comes off easily loved and respected. However, like any leader figure, she doesn’t want to enjoy that alone.

“Our strength lies in our diversity, I am committed to creating a campus where every student feels valued and included regardless of their beliefs or background”, reads a clause in her manifesto.

It is with no doubt that Florence commiserates with the institution she wants to lead. Students with disabilities and foreigners from non-English speaking countries, hold a unique position in her heart.

Ultimately, ‘two way’ communication will be the order of the day once Florence takes her rightful place in the MKUSA leadership. With regular open forums, students will have a platform to share ideas, ask question, and hold their leaders, including the Guild President accountable.

“As an ordinary student, I’ve had many unanswered questions; why certain decisions are made, where my tuition goes, and why certain things within the university aren’t changed. It’s from this perspective that my leadership will be open and transparent to all students”, she remarked.

Florence Kudembe is a Media and Mass Communications student in her second year at MKUR who upon completion, will be awarded a Bachelors Degree.

Throughout her study period, Kudembe has showcased multiple leadership skills like; class representative, President MKUR environmental club, among others.

In addition, she has been a ‘big’ sister to many, mentor, adviser and friend.

Other females running for leadership positions at MKUR are; Gloria Nyemanzi for Vice Guild President, Mutesi Fridah for Academics affairs, Thelma Bangsi for International students representative, and Mongani Iragi Eunice for Social Welfare Minister.

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