Mother tongue is what makes us Rwandan-Minister Kabarebe

In a speech commemorating International Mother Language Day, Rwandan Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in Charge of Regional Cooperation, Gen (Rtd) James Kabarebe, highlighted the critical role of Kinyarwanda, the nation’s mother tongue, in preserving culture and national identity. Gen(Rtd) Kabarebe emphasized that Kinyarwanda is more than just a language; it embodies Rwandan values […]

Healing the Unseen Wounds: Rwanda’s Duty to Children Born from Genocidal Rape

Photo: Courtesy Literally, everyone might be aware of the very painful tragedy that lies in the heart of Rwanda’s history, a hard story to narrate, as it triggers the collective memory of its people. The 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi which left scars that run deep, wounds that still bleed decades later. Among the countless […]

Rwanda asserts security amidst DRC tensions

In an exclusive interview with RBA held earlier this week, Rwanda’s Deputy Government Spokesperson, Alain Mukuralinda, assured the public that Rwanda remains a secure and stable nation despite escalating tensions with the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Deputy Government Spokesperson emphasized Rwanda’s commitment to maintaining peace and fostering regional stability. The political landscape […]

The Chamber of Deputies Greenlights UK-Rwanda Partnership Agreements

The plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies has given its approval to the foundational aspects of the bill, ratifying the final amendment to the UK-Rwanda Immigration and Economic Partnership Agreements. This pivotal decision sets the stage for a significant diplomatic development, marking a crucial step forward in the implementation of the revised agreements between the two nations. […]

What a man can do, a woman can do better: Florence Kudembe to redefine MKUR leadership

Its election time in MKUR(Mount Kigali University Rwanda) and unlike previous elections, this one comes with a ‘bang’, one that is to go down in history. Primarily, because it is the first election the campus is holding since its accreditation. Additionally, a ‘female figure’ has come out to run for the biggest office. From the […]

Talking Points

The Talking Points by Mugabo Innocent MUGABO’s Podcast episode cover a topic that continues to make news globally and that is the Russian Wagner Group.

FPR ‘Inkotanyi’ celebrates 35 years of Productive service

On 2nd, April, 2023 in Intare arena at Rusororo, Rwanda Patriotic Front(RPF) celebrated its 35th anniversary and elected new leaders where H.E Paul Kagame retained his seat as party chairman. Background of RPF Following the overthrow of Idi Amin in 1979, the Tutsi refugee intelligentsia in Uganda set up the region’s first political refugee organization: […]

A journey into entrepreneurship

“When two elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers”- African proverb. This proverb fits well with what happened when Rwanda and Uganda closed their boarders; this affected many especially those in business who imported and exported products within the two countries. The trade barn caused a shortage of hygienic products such as; toilet papers, washing […]

What to expect in the parliament and presidential elections combination journey

In February, the head of the National Electoral Commission, Odda Gasinzigwa, mentioned the wish of combining the parliament elections that were expected this year with the presidential elections that are expected in 2024 to the press. The National Electoral Commission(NEC) concern comes as an effort to reduce the costs: one election costs up to 7 […]

Living alone increases depression by 42%-research shows

A report published in ‘Psychology Today magazine’ according to Chinese researcher Wu and group, living alone increases your risk of mental illness and depression by 42% compared to living with others. In their research, Wu and group cited among others; long-term illness and shame as a result of poverty to be among the major reasons […]