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Turning Passion into a Career

Every morning I wake up excited to do what I love” says 25 year old Dushimimana Joselyn a videographer, photographer and control room operator at Yongwe TV station.

Since age 15, Joselyn was so passionate about videography despite studying Mathematics, Economics and Geography (MEG) in high school; thus after graduating in 2019, she joined IBTC (Innovation Business Technology College) to pursue her film making passion now turned business and career.

Joselyn Dushimimana- Photographer and Videographer

Despite criticism from on lookers and naysayers who referred to her passion as a career for ‘only men’ and one from which she will learn ‘bad behaviors’, Joselyn was never discouraged as she knew it was just a matter of time before they all start admiring her braveness.

During her six months internship at TV10 and later on IGIHE where she worked for four months, Dushimimana’s determination started paying off as many contacted her to cover events something that helped pay some of her bills making her parents and siblings proud.

Now earning over 300,000frw a month and saving 40% from it, Joselyn’s dream is to be a video director in the future owning her own studio.

Joselyn in the control room

currently Rwanda’s youth unemployment rate is at 21% with 60% of the employed in jobs defined as low productive (Agriculture, Retail and Construction) and as much as the government has a big role to play, the young photographer believes that the youth should also have an equal part in it.

As youths, we have to be determined, passionate, hard working and discplined if we want to reach our goals. In addition, we have to be innovative, work together and learn from our mistakes“, Dushimimana Joselyn said.

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