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 The journey to become a professional basketball player

 Caleb Podo was born in September,10, 2000, in Libreville, Gabon. He has embarked on an incredible career in basketball with dreams of becoming a star. In the early stages of his career, he achieved remarkable success, winning various championships, including the Estuary League U16 and U18, the Gabon Cup U16, the BAC League, and making an impact on the national U16 selection. His love for the game and his natural talent were evident from the very beginning.

IPRC Musanze basketball team

Caleb’s journey led him through different teams and leagues. He played for Charbo Squat Senior before making a significant move to Rwanda. There, he entered his second season with the “Shoot for the Stars” team, demonstrating his skills as a versatile back. His rapid rises in the Rwandan basketball scene were undeniable, and this year, he achieved the prestigious honor of being selected among the best players in the country for the all-star game of Rwanda.

Caleb Podo wearing yellow short , with his team being trained by their coach Zach Cave

In an interview with Caleb Podo, he expressed his experience through the long journey full of challenges of life, “Be focused until you reach on your goals, no matter the time, the struggles and other things that can discourage you, always remember your goals and respect yourself as well as having discipline.”

Caleb Pod professional basketball player

Caleb’s journey would not be complete without the guidance of his mentor, Coach Zach Cave, who believes in pushing players to exceed their limits and persevere through challenges.

“As a coach, I have to push my little one higher so that he goes beyond his limits, so that he doesn’t give up, that he does violence to get what he wants, that he is the best of his generation.” said coach Zach Cave

Coach Zach Cave in black t-shirt

Yannick Ndoumbe, a proud fan, appreciates Caleb’s passion and commitment to the game. “He is the pride of Gabonese youth. When we see him play, we feel that he is passionate and loves what he does. He gives himself the means to succeed in what he does,” Yannick expresses.

Yannick Ndoumbe, Gabonese fan of Caleb Podo

Supported by Coach Zach Cave’s guidance and the sincere backing of fans like Yannick, Caleb Podo’s prospects in the international basketball arena appear bright. As he persists in his pursuit of success, he’s steadily advancing toward the realization of his dream to become a basketball luminary. and his message to the youth as well as young generation is to follow their talents and never be afraid to face the challenges and lastly to be focused.

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