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Start small and grow big

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” is a known quote to many of us, but do we really understand what it implies?, allow me say NO.

Very many of us have failed to go after our dreams because we think ‘we don’t have what it takes’.

Well; I repeat, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, chase after that dream with the little you think you have and you’ll be surprised by the outcomes.

Film editor and director-Afrivoice and Tarama Rwanda: ‘Jules Nzayinambaho’s started his dream with less than 1000Frw bus fare. During his vacation, Jules would help out at different studios for free as he was passionate about learning, some employers however, would give him transport so that he can show up the following day.

Smart as he was, he chose to walk to and fro the studio and instead save that money to later purchase a camera of his own.

When his savings accumulated to 400,000Frw, his mom topped up 250,000Frw and he was able to buy himself a camera and computer; these were followed by a reflector and a flash from his aunt four months later.

Jules’ current success however didn’t come easy, it started with a dream he had from the time he was a young boy.

In a group of ten, they would gather around a small screen in Nyabisindu village-Muhanga district where he was born and raised to watch movies.

He fell in love with what he saw on the screen and desired to one day be a part of it. When he finished his Grade 9, he went to ‘Liquidnet Family’ for high school where he took film-making courses that enabled him work with Tamara Rwanda and Afrivoice.

Coupled with opportunities to participate in various workshops like ASYV media center in 2017, Jules learnt about video editing, photography that he won an Award something that opened doors for many opportunities for the 21 year old.

Photos of Jules during one of his trainings

Jules attributes his success to socializing with different students from all walks of the world each with a unique tradition, culture and belief.

“I hope to own a video production house and help other talented young people in music and art“, he said.

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