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Shopping at your fingertips

COVID-19 came with a lot; good and bad but hey, every cloud has its silver lining. Among the highlights of the pandemic was innovation and technology advancement.

Bills were paid ‘cashless’, concerts attended online, meetings and conferences attended virtually, and so was shopping.

Online shopping greatly increased that even with things a little back to normal now, e-markets never closed.

With just internet access and a smart gadget, you can have your favorite vegetables, add to your closet, and shop for those nice ‘kicks’ all with just a click of your fingers and in the comfort of your home, you will have them delivered.

In Kigali, online shops like; ‘murukali’, ‘Iduka’, ‘Niyozima’, ‘Vuba Vuba’, ‘Kikuu’, among others made life possible and bearable during the lock down to date.

In his research, Steve Nicholas showed that 60% of people browse through websites at any given time have made two or more purchases.

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